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As a proud part of the Rotary Foundation, The Redwood Falls Rotary Club of Redwood Falls, MN gathers local business and community leaders from our local community, and brings them together with the Rotary Foundation’s global community of caring volunteers all working towards the common goal of serving our local and global communities in the most meaningful way possible.

Redwood Falls Rotary Club projects are supported by Rotary Foundation Grants, and the generous donations provided by our dedicated Redwood Falls Rotary Club members, and caring citizens and organizations who wish to help support the important work done by the Redwood Falls Rotary Club, and the Rotary Foundation.

Are you interested in making a one-time, or recurring donation or pledge to help support the important work of the Rotary Foundation, and Redwood Falls Rotary Club?

On behalf of all of the members of The Redwood Falls Rotary Club, and the greater Redwood Falls community, we thank you for your generosity and support.

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